AWS Render Farm Config

Asking Jeff for frames… Navigate to the AWS Thinkbox webiste and click the Downloads menu item. Navigate directly to the AWS Thinkbox Downloads site Repository Install from: Deadline-{version}-windows-installers.zipinstall: DeadlineRepository-{version}-windows-installer MongoDB prompt, install or connect to an existing one Create Encryption certificates & password Create Admin User Credentials install process about 5mins DL Client Install from: Deadline-{version}-windows-installers.zipinstall: DeadlineClient-{version}-windows-installer prompt: check […]

Nuke TCL Snippets

script: [set scriptname [basename [file rootname [value]]]] version: [set version [lindex [split [set scriptname] _] end]] shot: [set shot [string range [set scriptname] 0 13 ]] seq: [set seq [string range [set scriptname] 3 5 ]] The script above should return the nukeFilename of type: PJ_SEQ_SH_task_versionThe other variables are taken from this.Then on a […]

HDA Python Module

On the Edit Operator Type properties > Scripts tab, make sure you have created a Python Module on the left hand side of the window, and you are editing it as Python on the right hand side. That’s where you can define all your custom functions.  On your parameter, in the Parameters tab, set the […]