As a VFX artist, I blend creativity with tools like Houdini, Redshift, and Nuke, always evolving with new tech. My work sharpens narratives in film and media with precision and innovation. Explore my portfolio to see how cutting-edge visual effects can elevate your project, making complex ideas engaging.

AWS Render Farm Config

Asking Jeff for frames… Navigate to the AWS Thinkbox webiste and click the Downloads menu item. Navigate directly to the AWS Thinkbox Downloads site Repository Install from: Deadline-{version}-windows-installers.zipinstall: DeadlineRepository-{version}-windows-installer

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Nuke TCL Snippets

script: [set scriptname [basename [file rootname [value]]]] version: [set version [lindex [split [set scriptname] _] end]] shot: [set shot [string range [set scriptname] 0

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